Our Custom Approach to Service BDC Solutions
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We believe in a customized approach so that each of our solutions are built to solve your specific problem, or improve your specific operation. Solutions should be designed around your dealership’s specific needs or goal in mind.

That’s why the first step to our approach, even before you sign on to be a client, is to audit your current operation. Sometimes our findings are exactly what you expected, and other times we uncover problems you didn’t know existed. When we present you a custom service BDC solution, you know it’s tailored to your operation. Either way, we work with you with one goal in mind: increasing your service BDC revenue.
One Size DOES NOT fit all. Much like our dealerships, our tailored solutions are unique. Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all. After we understand your operation inside and out, we are able to offer you a recommendation that is tailored to your operation. When audit your current processes and uncover opportunities for improvement, we use our findings to guide your strategy.

What does improvement look like for your dealership?

Streamline Processes

Often, we uncover ways to streamline your service BDC processes, meaning we save you time and money in your day to day operations.

Uncover New Revenue Streams

We identify opportunities to generate revenue based on your current customer list, OEM’s carried, and services you offer. Some of these look like missed opportunities for recall outreach, customers who haven’t serviced with you in a while, mobile recall opportunities, or optimizing your service schedule to see more vehicles. These previously untapped opportunities are low hanging fruit for your business.

Improved Service Retention

Are your customers coming back? If so, why do they come back? For those that aren’t, we want to know why. We have found that many times it’s because your competition called them before you did. Your service BDC should have a solid service retention strategy designed to drive customer loyalty and retention by ensuring customer satisfaction. Whether they’re calling in to your store for help and need to speak with an Actual Individual, or they’re being contacted by your store for an active recall campaign or that they’re due for service, your customers want to feel top of mind and for Bowtie Solutions they are.

We want to support you in the right way.

Because one size doesn’t fit all, we offer packages varying in the amount of support your dealership needs. We know not every dealership needs a full service BDC, and some might only need help with overflow calls. Either way, we have a package for the right amount of support for your dealership

Full Service: Dedicated BDC Manager

This package includes a dedicated BDC manager for hands-on support. Ideal for businesses who want to optimize their service retention and development operations – without the overhead.

Overflow Support

Best for businesses with existing phone systems or in-house teams. If a caller requests an appointment, the call is transferred to our team for scheduling.

Overflow & Outbound Campaigns

Ideal for businesses experiencing high call volumes and looking to boost customer interaction, this solution offers support without the need for extensive call handling, record-keeping, or comprehensive assistance found in a full-service package.

Outbound Campaigns

Perfect for businesses aiming to boost customer engagement. Campaigns include a text and a phone call to encourage customers to return for service.

We tailor unique scripts & FAQs for unique dealerships.

When you become a Bowtie Solutions dealer, our agents become an extension of your team by working off of tailored scripts and FAQ’s created specifically for your dealership and your customer. This is extremely important to your service retention strategy because your customers need to feel like they’re calling into your store. Some frequently asked questions that we make sure to answer for your customers are:

“Are there any loaner cars available?”

“Where’s the closest Starbucks?”

“Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your services?”

“Do you offer financing options for larger repairs?”

“Can I drop off my car early in the morning?”

“Where is the key drop-off?”

At the end of the day, we guarantee that when Bowtie Solutions supports or manages your inbound and overflow calls, your customers will always feel like they’re calling into your store and not an overseas call center.

Customized proactive customer outreach, designed for your customer base.

Your customers deserve better than a robocall. That’s why our outbound campaigns can be tailored to your operation. If you can think of a reason to contact your customers, we can build it. Here are some of the different types of outbound campaigns we can tailor to your business:

Retention Campaigns

These campaigns are intended to keep customers coming back into your store. Combining our years of industry insights and experience with your stores real time data, we know exactly when to reach out to your customers to bring them back in.

Service Promotion Campaigns

Do you have specials or promotions your customers need to know about? We will let them know! We make the calls, and get these appointments scheduled. Our agents have direct access to your scheduling system, ensuring customers get the appointments they need when they need them.

Recall Campaigns

We let you and your customers know that there is a recall out on their vehicle and proactively get them scheduled for service. Recalls are low-hanging fruit. If you are not taking advantage of recalls you are leaving money on the table. Plus, your customers appreciate your looking out for their safety.

Other Outbound Campaigns

The possibilities for outreach are endless, which means if there is a particular reason to reach out to your customers specifically, we can make it happen. Some other outbound campaigns we’ve seen are: Birthday /Service Anniversary Campaigns; Service Department Surveys; Special Announcements; Holidays and Updates for Store Hours. If you can think it, we can build it.

Problems are unique, and solutions should be too.

We know our dealerships may have some pain points in common, and we will see many recurring issues and problems across our dealership base. Although we will leverage these problems to create solutions for our entire dealership base, we will never lose sight that each operation is made up of unique people, budgets, priorities and goals. That’s why we work with you to understand your operation, customer base, and goals, so we can craft solutions designed just for you. Bowtie Solutions is an extension of your team, working towards our goals with your bottom line in mind.

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