The “Bowtie” Solution: How Bowtie Partners With Dealers To Solve Problems Before They Become Costly
At Bowtie Solutions, we understand the importance of anticipating problems before they arise, but also solving problems quickly once they have. When it comes to the financial health of your service department, a small problem can become costly. When you partner with Bowtie Solutions, we work to ensure that a) your service department is full; b) it remains full; and c) you avoid hiccups that might slow you down and hurt your revenue.
In this blog post, we want to discuss how Bowtie Solutions partners with dealers to help them solve their operational problems, how our network of dealerships empowers Bowtie Solutions to anticipate and solve problems across our client base, and some of the problems we’ve solved for dealers in the past.

We are your operational partner

When your dealership partners with Bowtie Solutions, whether it’s for overflow call management or a full service BDC, we view your service department as our own. We look at not only the service BDC infrastructure that you currently have in place, but your operation as a whole. We examine your processes, establish “best practices”, audit your service retention strategy, clean up your cross department communication process, and we look for opportunities for improvement.
When you partner with Bowtie Solutions, we make you one promise: to increase your service revenue. We do that by combining our core services with a tailored and solution-driven approach. We’re your partners, that means your success is our success too.

We leverage our insights across our dealership-base

Our extensive dealership network, made up of Bowtie Solutions clients, provides us with valuable insights into various challenges that dealerships are seeing in their service departments. By leveraging this knowledge, we can proactively address issues at other dealerships, often arriving with ready-made solutions.
How does this work? Say we have a dealership/client in South Carolina that we’ve partnered with for a full service BDC. We’ve had the opportunity to look at their operation as a whole, uncover inefficiencies and areas for improvement, and then tailor a solution for the problems we’ve either uncovered, or they’ve been grappling with for some time. Using this problem/solution insight, when our dealership/client in New Jersey experiences a similar problem, we already have a solution in hand that we know works. Yes, it may need to be tweaked and tailored for this specific operation, but we’ve seen this “problem” before and we know what does and does not work. Another scenario is when our problem/solution insight allows us to anticipate a problem before it financially impacts your operation. When partnering with a dealer/client in Pennsylvania, we can identify the warning signs that there is potential for a particular problem to occur. We know what to look for, and because we already know how to solve it, we can make real time modifications to their service BDC so they never have to take the financial hit.
All that to say, when you partner with Bowtie Solutions, you now have access to the solutions we’re using across our entire dealership baseso that together we can avoid and solve your problems.

We’re the experts

Our insights and solutions are backed by years of industry experience, as well as insights into real time problems that might not have existed 10 years ago. Whether it’s a problem you didn’t know you had, a problem you can’t seem to shake, or a problem waiting to happen – our team of service BDC experts has you covered. Here are just some problems we’ve helped solve for in the past.

Problem: Idle Service Bays

Dealers often have windows of time throughout the week that their service bays are empty. This results in wasted resources and and lost revenue.


Zone Scheduling – Bowtie Solutions utilizes Zone Scheduling, to strategically schedule and fill empty service bays, turning scheduling into a well-oiled part of dealerships operations. Read about how we incorporated Zone Scheduling into this dealers strategy.

Problem: Time-Consuming Recall Lists and Process

Dealership staff don’t have the time to go through recall lists, make calls, play phone tag, schedule appointments AND do the rest of their jobs. But these lists are service appointments left unfilled.


As an extension of your team, our Bowtie Solutions agents manage dealers recall lists, make calls, answer questions and schedule other services that are due with recall appointments as well. They have the time, skills, and resources to handle recalls, allowing dealership staff to focus on servicing vehicles in the lane.

Problem: Lack of Insight into Call Performance

Many dealers assume their staff is doing well on the phone, until they receive bad reviews. While trusting your team is great, it’s still important to know that everything is running smoothly in order to catch any unknown mistakes and fix any issues before customers are frustrated enough to leave a negative review.


Trust your team but verify the results – Our daily in depth reports show dealers how their team is really performing. This data includes individual agent data, a clear overview of company metrics and communications between agents and customers. We identify trends, pinpointing missed business opportunities to boost their revenue.

Problem: Scheduling Before Parts Arrive

Customers want quick service, so they can get their car back as soon as possible. But many times the appointment has been scheduled before parts have even been ordered, leading to delays and unhappy customers.


Coordinated Scheduling – Bowtie Solutions collaborates with dealers parts department to ensure parts are ordered and delivered before scheduling appointments, eliminating delays and keeping customers happy.

Problem: Missed Calls & Missed Opportunities

Dealerships miss 21% of missed calls and 33% of those calls would convert. When you miss calls, dealers don’t even get a chance to convert those calls. Not only does this waste all of the money spent driving those phone leads, but it also lowers your bottom-line.


Overflow Call Management – Did you know calls convert 30% faster than web leads. Bowtie Solutions’ Overflow Call Management ensures dealers don’t miss any calls, making the most of those leads by converting those calls to maximize your profit potential. (source: Invoca)

Problem: Overlooked Health of Service Department Operations

Many dealers are focused on making sales to boost revenue and overall operations fall through the cracks, leading to inefficiencies and missed revenue opportunities.


Uncovering Problems before they arise – Bowtie Solutions is an advisor for all operational needs, here to help optimize operations, based on each store’s unique challenges and goals. We utilize data to pinpoint the missing pieces to the puzzle to create a plan of action.

In conclusion…

Bowtie Solutions is your operational partner, and that means we are proactively looking for problems before they arise and uncover problems you didn’t know were hurting your bottom line. We leverage the insights we gain through our network of Bowtie Solutions dealers/customers to solve your dealerships problems. If there is a service BDC problem, there is always a “Bowtie” solution.

Curious what your “Bowtie” solution might look like?

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