Unlocking Revenue with Data-Driven Strategies
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Numbers Don’t Lie

In today’s turbulent market, guessing isn’t an option for dealers.
Success comes with strategic insights and planning, which is why we rely on actual data to craft custom strategies to meet your goals. By grounding our approach to Service BDC management in data, we can ensure efficiency and profitability for our dealers. The result? More money in your pocket and a streamlined path to success.

Why Do We Use Data?

Data guides our strategy. By analyzing data, we can develop a strategy specific to a dealer’s store, monitoring metrics to see what works and what doesn’t, in order to give you real results. Data is the key to optimizing your Service BDC. Here’s how:

Uncovering Untapped Revenue Opportunities:

We look at your data to identify hidden potential within your business, allowing us to capitalize on them.

Identify Gaps & Opportunities for Improvement:

Continuous data monitoring helps us pinpoint exactly where the missing pieces are in your operations, in real time.

Keeping a Pulse on Your Business:

Our metrics ensure we’re always in tune with your service department’s performance and needs.

What Do We Measure and What Does the Data Tell Us?

We focus on several key metrics to drive performance and efficiency in your service department:

Customer Satisfaction Scores:

We measure customer satisfaction to ensure high-quality service and pinpoint areas for improvement, adjusting our strategy when necessary and providing your staff with invaluable customer feedback.

Daily Reports:

Our daily reports provide dealers with immediate feedback and insights into customer interactions. These reports can include call time, wait time, conversion rates, overall satisfaction and the reason the customer called in, in addition to call recordings. This comprehensive data ensures that dealers are always in the loop.

Call Volume and Response Times:

We can uncover gaps to adjust our strategy. If we notice call volume is higher during a certain time of day we allocate more agents to inbound calls, ensuring your customers aren’t kept waiting.

Service Retention Metrics:

Monitoring retention rates helps guide your service retention strategy. We keep tabs on your customers and we know who needs to hear from you. We proactively reach out to customers who haven’t been in recently, who are overdue for service, or would benefit from a promotion or sale your department is having. This keeps them engaged and lets them know they’re on your mind.

Conversion Rates:

Our data shows us what campaigns perform well, so we can focus on high-conversion campaigns to optimize efforts and resources for maximum impact.

How Does Utilizing Data Make You Money?

We focus on several key metrics to drive performance and efficiency in your service department:

Freeing Up Your Staff:

While our agents are hard at work on your campaigns, your staff can put down the phone and focus on service in the lane. This saves your staff phone time but also the overhead associated with hiring a staff dedicated to answering your phones. It’s a win-win.

Operational Efficiency:

Real-time reporting and cross-department collaboration ensures a full and efficient service schedule. By working across departments we are able to ensure that the right parts and resources are ready when your customer drops off their car. This increases customer satisfaction with a shorter turnaround time and allows you to service more customers and make more money.

Strategy Optimization:

Real-time data allows us to develop and adjust strategies in the moment, ensuring we are always aligned on market changes and performance goals. We stay on top of the latest recalls and industry trends that your store should be focusing on based on your customer base. If there is a recall that you need to know about, we will bring it to your attention and integrate a recall campaign into your strategy. At the end of the day, you can rest assured knowing your strategy is constantly evolving with the automotive industry.

Untapped Revenue:

The data we collect shows us where your service revenue is coming from and where it’s lacking, allowing us to identify areas for improvement. These untapped areas, such as recall lists or inactive customer lists are hidden revenue opportunities. By uncovering these opportunities we can create strategies that are proven to work, increasing your revenue potential.
Data-driven strategies allow us to troubleshoot and refine campaigns on the fly, saving time and boosting profitability. The numbers don’t lie—our data-backed approach ensures that every decision is informed, strategic, and effective.
Embracing a data-driven approach is not just a trend; it’s a necessity in auto. By leveraging data, we uncover hidden opportunities, optimize resources, and create strategies that are destined to succeed. This approach not only makes you money but also saves you time and effort, ensuring that your business is always on the path to growth and efficiency. With data on our side, we turn insights into actions and actions into results.

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