CBT News Interview with Matt Raymond: Why dealers should consider customizing their BDCs
CBT Matt Raymond

At the 2023 Digital Dealer Conference and Expo this past October, Bowtie Solutions COO Matt Raymond sat down with CBT News to unveil the dealer-built Service BDC, an innovative approach that’s all about customization and service excellence. Here are the key takeaways:

Unparalleled Service Focus

Bowtie Solutions’ BDC program zeroes in on one thing: service. We live by the motto, “We do it, and we do it well.” With services like inbound call management, proactive customer outreach, retention campaigns, and automated appointment scheduling, we’re all about offering a customer-centric experience that’s second to none.

Omnichannel Customer Support

Bowtie Solutions understands that in today’s world, customers need to engage on omni channels. Seamless interactions are the norm – returning a call from a text message is just one example. We’re accessible and responsive.

A Human Touch with a Tech Edge

In the automotive industry, relationships matter, but so does tech. Bowtie Solutions operates during dealership hours because we get that this is a “people business.” Beyond business hours, our AI bot takes over, ensuring customer queries are addressed promptly. It’s all about marrying human interaction with cutting-edge technology.

In the race to excel in the automotive world, Bowtie Solutions is driving change and setting new standards with our Service BDC Solution. You can read the full article here.

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