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Unlocking Revenue with Data-Driven Strategies

In today’s turbulent market, guessing isn’t an option for dealers. Success comes with strategic insights and planning, which is why we rely on actual data to craft custom strategies to meet your goals. By grounding our approach to Service BDC management in data, we can ensure efficiency and profitability for our dealers. The result? More money in your pocket and a streamlined path to success.
Service retention is about building and maintaining relationships with customers and ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction. Learn how Bowtie BDCs can help you increase your bottom line.
Juggling customer service, maintenance appointments, and revenue generation while also running recall campaigns can feel like a high-speed race. Read more about how Bowtie BDC’s can help boost revenue by maximizing your service center’s capacity.
Missing calls isn’t just a minor inconvenience – it’s a self-inflicted wound that’s bleeding your business dry. This is a reality check on why missed calls are downright disastrous for automotive service centers – one that Bowtie Solutions can prevent you from having all together.
In an era of experimentation with AI technologies streamlining operations, how far should we go? We take look at the limitations of AI technologies, and the role that humans still need to play.
At the 2023 Digital Dealer Conference and Expo this past October, Bowtie Solutions COO Matt Raymond sat down with CBT News to unveil the dealer-built Service BDC, an innovative approach that’s all about customization and service excellence. Here are the key takeaways.
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