Filling a Dealership’s Service Schedule with Low Hanging Fruit: A Case Study on My GM Rewards Outbound Campaign

Bowtie Solutions, an outsourced service BDC solution, partnered with a dealership group to execute a strategic outbound marketing campaign focused on leveraging unused My GM Rewards points in three of their stores.

This case study showcases how Bowtie Solutions has the resources to effectively tap into overlooked service appointments for the dealership.

What is “My GM Rewards”?

My GM Rewards is a loyalty program offered by General Motors (GM) that allows customers to earn points through various interactions with the brand, including vehicle purchases and service visits. However, despite the vast accumulation of points, many customers leave them unused. GM estimates that there are approximately 2 billion unused My GM Rewards points across its customer base. That’s a lot of money left on the table – for the dealerships and for the customers!

The Challenge:

The dealership faced the challenge of converting unused My GM Rewards points into additional revenue. Why? Because manually identifying and contacting customers with unused points is a heavy lift. With limited time and resources, the dealership struggled to effectively take advantage of this opportunity. The staff is busy with serving customers in-store and answering incoming calls, leaving insufficient time to run through the long lists of My GM Rewards customers and schedule their service appointments.


The [Bowtie] Solution:

Bowtie Solutions oversaw a targeted outbound campaign focused on utilizing My GM Rewards points to incentivize customers to schedule service appointments. 
Our agents are able to make 250-300 calls a day, whereas one person at a dealership may be able to make 35-50 calls in a day (if they even have the time).  
Leveraging not only our agents’ bandwidth, but our agents’ expertise in customer engagement and outbound communication, we designed a systematic approach to identify customers with unused points and encourage them to utilize their rewards for service appointments.
How we launched an outbound campaign targeting My GM Rewards customers:
  1. Data Analysis: We analyzed the dealerships database to identify customers who had unused My GM Rewards points.

  2. Personalized Outreach: Our trained agents, aka our Actual Individuals, made personalized outbound texts and calls based on preference to the customers on their list, alerting them of their unused points and the value (money) of utilizing their accumulated rewards for service appointments.

  3. Appointment Scheduling: Once we’ve connected with the customer and they’ve expressed interest, our Actual Individuals scheduled their service appointments directly into the dealership’s scheduling system. We could see their white space, and we filled it.

  4. Follow-Up and Engagement: After a customer received service, our agents followed up with each of them to ensure customer satisfaction and retention, which leads to long-term loyalty.

The Result:

The My GM Rewards campaign produced positive results for the dealerships:
  • Increased Revenue: By tapping into a pool of unused My GM Rewards points, the dealership generated revenue from these otherwise non-existent service appointments.

  • Improved Customer Engagement: Our personalized outreach approach led to increased customer engagement and satisfaction, strengthening the dealership-customer relationship and overall service retention efforts.

  • Efficient Resource Utilization: Bowtie Solutions’ expertise and resources enabled the dealership to capitalize on this often overlooked revenue opportunity without additional strain on internal resources (time and money).

All that to say…

The partnership between Bowtie Solutions and this dealership group illustrates the effectiveness of strategic outbound campaigns in unlocking untapped opportunities for customer outreach and service appointments. By leveraging unused My GM Rewards points, the dealership not only increased revenue, but also enhanced customer engagement and loyalty. Now more than ever, it’s important for dealerships to focus on proactive engagement and innovative solutions to maximize dealership profitability.


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