Revving Up Service Efficiency: How Bowtie Solutions Transformed a Dealership’s Success with Mobile Recall Campaigns
Mobile Recall

This dynamic case study delves into how Bowtie Solutions’ Service BDC Solution revolutionized a North Carolina car dealership, boosting its appointment count and revenue.

By strategic planning, optimized scheduling, and impactful customer outreach, the dealership not only enhanced service capacity but also enriched the customer experience.

Due to the proprietary information in this case study, the identity of the car dealership will remain anonymous.

The Challenge:

The car dealership faced the challenge of servicing an increasing number of vehicles while maintaining high-quality customer service in their stores. 
Recognizing the need for streamlined processes and operational excellence, Bowtie Solutions, the Service BDC, entered the scene with a tailored plan.

The Bowtie “Solution”:

Our trained team of industry experts began by dividing the dealership’s service area into distinct zones, each designated for service on specific days. This approach aimed to make the most efficient use of the dealership’s resources and technicians’ time. 
The plan involved several components:

Zone Scheduling:

Monday: Zone 1
Tuesday: Zone 2
Wednesday: Zone 3
Thursday: Zone 4
Friday: Zone 5
Zone 6 was any day during the week close to the shop.

Mobile Recalls:

Addressing mobile recalls was a prime concern.
Bowtie Solutions unleashed their expertise and cutting-edge technology, transforming the recall process.
On Zone 1 (Mondays), all technicians focused on mobile recalls, resulting in a remarkable daily recall count increase. This translated into a surge in appointments and revenue for the dealership.

Technology and Communication:

Bowtie Solutions harnessed its proven technology and communication best practices to reach out to the dealership’s customers. An outbound campaign, featuring precise calling and texting, kept customers informed about recalls, maintenance needs, and available service slots.
The result? A fully booked appointment schedule!


Increased Productivity:

The dealership saw a significant boost in their service capacity, particularly with mobile recalls. The number of daily mobile recalls completed doubled, from 6 to 12-14, leading to more satisfied customers, more appointments, and more revenue.

Enhanced Customer Communication:

The use of technology and the proactive customer outreach led to better communication and customer engagement. Customers were informed about recalls and available appointments, contributing to a seamless and convenient service experience.

Improved Efficiency:

Zone-based scheduling optimized technicians’ schedules, leading to shorter wait times and rapid service turnaround, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Increased Revenue:

Enhanced service efficiency, coupled with compelling customer outreach, delivered a boost in revenue. Customers who were previously unaware of recalls or needed maintenance now flocked to the dealership’s services.

The data speaks for itself: 

Dealership Performance in August and September

Compared to June and July without Bowtie
  • RO Gross Increased by 170%

  • Serviced Vins Increased by 202%

  • Annualized Value Increased by 170%

The Takeaway:

Bowtie Solutions’ process and technology implementations enabled the dealership to refocus on its core expertise:

Vehicle servicing, performed more efficiently and profitably.

By reimagining scheduling, prioritizing mobile recalls, and embracing customer outreach best practices, the dealership amplified service capacity, customer satisfaction, and revenue.

This dealership’s journey highlights the immense value of an expertly executed Service BDC Solution in the automotive industry.

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