Mastering Mobile Vehicle Recalls: How Bowtie Solutions Empowered a South Carolina Dealership to Master Mobile Recalls and Build Customer Trust
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In automotive retail, customers want to know and trust that their dealership has their back. What does trust look like? Trust looks like letting them know that there is a recall out on their vehicle and proactively getting them scheduled for service.

Even better than scheduling their service, is conveniently coming to their home to service their vehicle. 

Learn how Bowtie Solutions partnered with a South Carolina dealership to optimize their recall campaign approach through a Bowtie Mobile Recall Campaign, resulting in increased customer trust, engagement, and revenue.


Before partnering with Bowtie Solutions in November of 2023, the dealership faced a challenging scenario. They struggled to maximize its outreach and capitalize on the OEM-issued recalls on their customers’ vehicles, having only two appointments scheduled per day. Why? Because calling each customer and scheduling each appointment takes time that they didn’t have. Their priority was servicing the customers in their store, and an outbound recall campaign had to take the backseat to everyday operations.

The Challenges:

Low appointment bookings

The dealership faced a low appointment booking rate, hindering its potential for sales and service revenue.

Low recall response

Traditional recall campaigns required customers to visit the dealership, posing inconvenience and potential logistical hurdles.

Time constraints

The dealership lacked the bandwidth to carry out the outreach campaigns to notify customers about recalls and schedule appointments.

The Solution:

Recognizing the dealership’s challenges, Bowtie Solutions devised a tailored approach to address both appointment bookings and mobile recall campaigns effectively.

Outbound Campaigns:

The dealership opted for Bowtie’s outbound campaigns, leveraging their expertise in customer outreach and appointment scheduling. Specifically, they enlisted Bowtie’s assistance for a mobile recall campaign targeting eligible customers.

Mobile Recall Campaign:

Bowtie Solutions spearheaded the dealership’s mobile recall campaign, ensuring seamless communication with customers and scheduling appointments at their preferred locations- without taking up valuable space time slots in their service bay that can be better utilized.

Geographically Strategic Scheduling:

In order to get more vehicles scheduled per day, Bowtie strategically scheduled based on geographical location to ensure they were maximizing the number of customers reached.

Professionalism and Comfort:

Bowtie’s agents demonstrated professionalism and ensured customers felt comfortable throughout the recall process. Their empathetic approach reassured customers of the dealership’s commitment to their safety and convenience.


The partnership between the dealership and Bowtie Solutions resulted in the following:

Appointment Surge: The dealership’s schedule skyrocketed from two recall appointments per day, to twelve recall appointments daily, a sixfold increase in booking rates.
Streamlined Process: Bowtie Solutions streamlined the recall campaign process, efficiently reaching out to customers and scheduling appointments, thereby alleviating the dealership’s time constraints and need for hiring and training new employees.
Customer Satisfaction: By offering mobile recall services, the dealership conveyed its commitment to customer convenience and safety. Customers appreciated the personalized approach and the dealership’s willingness to accommodate their needs.
Revenue Growth: The appointments scheduled through Bowtie Solutions’ efforts represented low-hanging fruit that the dealership would have otherwise missed out on, leading to a substantial revenue increase.

The Takeaway:

The successful partnership between the dealership and Bowtie Solutions exemplifies the power of strategic collaboration to increase service appointment bookings and address customer needs effectively. 
By leveraging Bowtie’s expertise in outbound campaigns and mobile recall services, the dealership not only boosted its revenue but also strengthened its bond with customers, showcasing a commitment to service excellence and convenience.

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